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•   Denise Howland (Tewksbury)  6/21
•   Rolf Widell  6/25
•   Martha Christopher (Christopher)  6/26
•   Elizabeth Bowman (Hornyak)  6/28
•   Sharon Gerard (Bamberg)  6/28
•   Michael Langmaid  7/2
•   Sally MacDonald  7/3
•   Mary Elliott (Ferrari)  7/6
•   Keith Barnes  7/8
•   Harvey Purtz  7/9
•   Denis Bourque  7/16
•   Renee Isabelle  7/17


•   Linda Saporito  6/19
•   Denise Braunhardt (Cabral)  6/12
•   Harvey Card  6/12
•   Janis Movsesian (Urbanek)  5/26
•   Fred Wendt  5/23
•   Marisa Maghakian (Vittum)  2/25
•   Sharon Gerard (Bamberg)  2/10
•   Dave Demars  2/5
•   Rolf Widell  1/31
•   Brian Lawn  10/8
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Lynnfield High School
Class of 1969

05/25/2024: 55th Reunion Survey Questions

Hi Class


The Reunion Committee would like your feedback on a couple of questions related to our upcoming reunion.

Would appreciate your prompt attention.


Many thanks.

Sharon, Ann Marie, Janet, Wendy, Eric


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1)   * What is the likelihood that you will be attending our 55th reunion this September?

  Most Likely
  Definitely not
2)   * What is your choice for our class motto?


02/28/2024: 55th Reunion Save the Date

Fellow 1969 LHS Alums

Our 55th reunion will be held Wednesday, September 4, 2024 at Winter Island Park in Salem, MA.   As alluded to in the previous post, the hope/intent is that we can hold subsequent reunions at the same venue on the Wednesday after Labor Day each year.

Specifics/details to follow.

Wendy, Ann Marie, Janet, Jeanne, Sharon, Eric

02/22/24: Planned Approach for 55th Reunion

Hello again LHS Class of '69

We wanted to share our current thought process and approach to planning the 55th reunion this September...

First, some context.  The 50th was quite the gala event spread over two days and it certainly seemed like everyone that attended had a great time.  However, it was a lot of work to plan and execute and none of us on the committee has the energy to do anything remotely like it again.  It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime event.  Then, of course, the main architect of the event and website creator, Pete, was unable to attend because of his illness.  This took a lot of the wind out of our collective sails.  With his passing last summer, our reunion balloon deflated even further.  But a few folks have been asking about a 55th, so it seemed like we should fire up the reunion engine after a 5-hear hiatus.  Hard to believe it's been that long.

Given the above, however, the approach we are taking for the 55th is to plan a low-key, low-frills, low-cost, come-as-you-are, event that would be easily replicable year after year.  Our thought process is that we would like to hold a reunion annually at the same time of year, hopefully at the same venue, with minimal effort by anyone involved and little thought by attendees.  Something as close to a "set it and forget it" approach as we can get. 

Let's face it, none of us is getting any younger, we don't like to play dress-up anymore; we just enjoy sitting back, having a cocktail, beer, or glass of wine, and shooting the shit with friends for the afternoon.   To that end, we thought it would be great for anyone interested and able, to catch up in person - even briefly - at least once a year with their classmates.   Shades of Same Time, Next Year without the hanky-panky (if anyone can still do that). cool   The theory/concept being that if you are unable to atend one year, you will be able to count on a reunion event the same time the following year.  

If anyone has any objections as to how we're going about planning the 55th, please let us know.  We are not immune to constructive criticism or helpful suggestions.  Our goal is to try to hold an event as close to something in your own backyard as possible but at the very least, we wanted to at least level-set everyone so that no one will be surprised/upset/disappointed especially given the 50th shindig.  The 55th will most assuredly be nothing like it given our current thinking but hopefully the approach entices as many people as possible - even those that didn't attend the 50th - to (re)consider coming this year, or the next, or the next.....

More specifics vis-a-vis the exact date, location, food and beverage options, etc. for the 55th to follow very soon.


Your reunion committee  (Ann Marie, Wendy, Sharon, Jeanne, Janet, Eric)

02/09/24: Initial Notification of 55th Reunion Plans

Hello Class

Just FYI that plans are in the works to hold a 55th reunion this September.

Details and specifics will be posted as they become available.