Missing Classmates

The folks listed on this page are class mates who have not yet joined the site.  However,  we know the e-mail addresses and phone numbers for many of them and some are truly missing; meaning we have no contact info for them. 

Our objective is to get eveyone to join the site.  As they join, their name will drop off this list and eventually we will have just the truly "missing". He need your help to get folks to join and then help us find the missing.

Wendy Adams (Wills)
David Adrien
Frank Angelini
Nancy Badger (Gagne)
Anne Barbin (Romano)
Mark Bartholomew
Steven Bratt
David Butcher
Francis Carabello
Janice Carmody
Tom Carroll
John Cella
Philip Cipriano
Nicholas Collatos
Diane Conant
Linda Daniels (Moffitt)
Thomas Dayton
Lois Drinkwater
R. Scott Fletcher
Mark Foulkes
Joe Fuller
Barbara Gallagher (Ragone)
Ray Gordon
Richard Greenlaw
Jim Hall
Paul Hoffman
Marcia Hollett
Darryl Holloway (O'Shea)
Gene Hummer
Gloria Imbert (Hurtado)
Eric Laier
George Lepke
Kim Levinson (Goodspeed)
Linda Lyle
Vicki Massey (Harbour)
Stephen McCarthy
Lisa McGloin
Marilyn McMahon
Dennis McPhail
Kathryn Medzane (Laschi)
Donna Miller (Waring)
Jeff Morton
Jim Nugent
Jennifer Palmer (Goodyear)
Bob Perrin
Jim Plankey
John Racana
Wendy Ranan
Stephen Rich
Doug Robinson
Cathy Rockwell
Bill Rowlinson
Stephen Salt
Ann Saporito
Barbara Schultz
Daniel Selig
Roy Sorli
Linda Stelluto (Plaisted)
Joyce Stillman
Jeff Strout
Thomas Sutliff
Michael Terravechia
Gail Tremblay (Strzempek)
Linda Tyacke (Dooley)
Linda Varriccio (Couture)