Guess Who?

Click and try to guess who the LHS celebrities are in this video???

If you add a picture to profile, maybe you can become famous like these crazy folks !

Good luck trying to guess who this is !

Another star heard from

Happy Easter from the gang!

I found this "old" video of a dance at the Rec Center in 1967, recognize anyone?

The girls are way cool with the shades

I don't know how they pulled it off, but Connie & Anita performed multiple roles!!

The talent in this class is just amazing, and duets are doubly impressive.

Who knew?

I don't remember Janis dancing like this in the halls of LHS, or is it just me?

Oh, Marisa & Conni really can Push It real good!

Cynthia, where did you find this partner?

Wow who knew, Sonny & Cher LHS grads !

Who would have known he had these talents!

Lucky Joe, at the beach with all these hot babes!

Merry Christmas from your reunion planning co-chairs, Linda Saporito-Guevremont & Pete Grady

Who knew these guys could dance ?

Looks like we have group of hot babes!

Now this is what I call Happy?