Adorable girls contest #2

Hey, it worked once, so let's try it again!  This one is a bit tougher.  I know I only recognize 1 girl for sure and 2 others are a maybe.

If you can idenify two, I will send you a tin of those world famouse LHS '69 M&M's.  Good luck

Winner #2, Marisa (Maghakian) Vittum.  She idenified three, and noted many more faces were familliar !  This is good, I am working down my vast inventory of M&M's. Thats means there are less for me to eat, ugh!

We have our first winner, Karol (Kesting) McLaughlin who got ALL 13 correct. Hint, hint she is in the picture.  But even still, to remember all 13 is pretty impressive considering she has a 65 year old mind!!!

The adorable girls are:

#1 - Carla Van Bennekom              #2 - Sally MacDonald                           #3 - Tina Vhalhos

#4 - Jeabn Van Horne                    #5 - Susna Bushman                            #6 - Denise Minichiello

#7 - Linda Saporito                         #8 - Vicky Sperry                                  #9 - Ann Saporoto

#10 - Sally kelly                              #11 - Andrea O'Connor                         #12 - Joy Carter

#13 - Karol Kesting