Classmate Input on Reunion

As noted in the report out of the first reunion committee meeting, we plan to be fully transparent and include you in all major decisions.  Accordingly, we are at a point in early planning where we need guidance from you about important reunion information.  This survey will help us gather details about your interests which will guide us as move into more detailed research, investigation and planning. Please complete the survey including the comments.  We are looking for as much information from you as possible to get a sense for the type of reunion you want. We will publish the results of this survey when completed. 

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1)   We know it's early, but at this point in time, do you plan to attend the reunion in September 2019?

Yes No
2)   Do you plan to bring a guest?

  Would preter reunion to be classmates only
3)   Would you prefer a multi-day event (Friday evening through Sunday morning) or a single day event?

  Single day
4)   As costs may be lower, would you consider a mid-week reunion?

5)   If multi-day, check the events you might attend. Specific activities have not been identified, we're just looking for interest

  Friday Evening Welcome
  Saturday breakfast
  Saturday day activity
  Saturday night main event
  Sunday brunch
6)   If a multi-day event, would you need a hotel?

Yes No
7)   Excluding hotel, what price would you consider reasonable for a multi-day event per person?

  Under $100
8)   What price for a single day event?

  Under $50
9)   Please rate the criteria that are most important to you for the reunion, 1-5 with 1 being the most important

  Location proximity to my home
  Other amenities close by
  Reputation of the venue
  Maximize the opportunity to mingle
10)   Do you have a suggestion(s) for the site of the reunion?

11)   Would you be interested in contributing toward a gift for Lynnfield High School?

  My suggestion for the gift
12)   Any other comments you want to share with the reunion committee?