Younger Next Year


Pete Grady Comments

I just finished the book and wanted to add my comments. First, I want to thank Jeannie for recommending it to Wendy who recommended it to me when we were at her home for the recent reunion committee meeting.  Like most, I know how important exercise and nutrition is to a healthy life style and feel like I have done a good job (some days better than others!) over the years to address these items. However, this book provided specific detail into the underlying chemistry and biology of why exercise and nutrition are so critical as we age and especially so for us 60-something year olds. I don't want to scare anyone away from reading this terrific book, but the bottom line is that in order to maintain a vibrant and healthy lifestsyle into your 80's and beyond, as Wendy noted above, you need to exercise 6 days a week, plain and simple. The commentary on social interactions was also very informative and will unquestionably impact my thinking going forward.

If you invest the time to read this book I know you will not be disappointed.